Here below is a list of immobilizer car key problems that an M.S Locksmith LTD auto key technician can help you with:

  • Due to mechanical repairs to the car, the key stopped starting the engine.
  • The transponder microchip inside the key has broken.
  • Your spare key is missing or got stolen and need the key reprogrammed so the missing key won’t start the engine anymore.
  • You lost all your car keys therefore a new key needs to be cut and programmed to the car.

Why car keys need programming?

Car keys need programming because by law they must contain a transponder microchip and that is a part of a security system fitted into the car and its immobilizing the engine. The car will only start if the transponder microchip sends the correct signal to the car.

Which car keys have a transponder microchip?

  • Nearly all car keys built after 1998.
  • It can be a basic key with just a plastic top.
  • It can be a remote key or a flip key.
  • It can be a key card or a proximity key.

At M.S. LOCKSMITH LTD we follow up technology and we use hitech equipment and upgrade it nonstop in order to be in position to program the most types of vehicle keys so there is no such thing such as “Dealer Only”. We keep dealer’s level in quality and efficiency with very competitive prices.