At M.S Locksmith we advice clients which safe to buy according to insurance policies and specifications requested by them. Also we crack safes if keys have been lost or if the combination has been forgotten.

Types of safes supplied and fit for domestic or professional use.

Fire proof safes: Mostly for cash, jewelery documents and computer data.

Security safes: Generally for large amount of cash and/or jewelery and other valuables.

Need a safe?

Buying a safe is a serious thing to do. So it’s not like a quick stop to the nearest hardware shop. You need to know the volume of the items to be stored in it and then choose a safe slightly bigger than the initial size so as in the future you will still have some free space in it for storing more valuable items.

In many countries like Belgium and Germany the insurance cover has to do with the safes’ security rating so at M.S Locksmith we are ready to help you choose the correct one. We always stock “Format and Burg Wachter” German safes that have protection against drilling and cutting with thermal tools.

If you need your safe cracked then we will be happy to give you a free quotation for the cost of opening the safe and for the cost of the replacement lock in case we have to destroy the existing lock. Therefore we stock:

  • Combination mechanical locks for safes
  • Digital key pads especially for Cisa safes
  • Traditional double bit key safe locks