Many car doors get jammed and don’t open or in other cases the car door simply won’t lock when using the remote key. These problems happen because the locking mechanism fails to operate correctly. At M.S Locksmith we have the expertise to get the door open without damaging the door panel and then repair the locking mechanism at a fraction of the price of a new locking mechanism.

Below is a list of common car lock problems:

  • Electronic steering lock stuck
  • Car door is jammed and it won’t unlock
  • Trunk is locked, makes a noise when using the remote but doesn’t open
  • Engine hood lock is broken and key turns without unlocking
  • Van handle is broken and can’t get access inside the cargo area
  • Car lock doesn’t stay closed
  • Central locking is not working properly
  • Ignition lock is stuck, can’t turn the engine on or off
  • When using the remote key door lock rattles up and down

At M.S. LOCKSMITH LTD we are able to resolve all of these problems and bring the lock to a working state.
In case of attempt of burglary if the car lock is damaged and needs to be replaced we stock replacement locks that we will make them fit your existing car key so you don’t need to use two different keys.

Visit M.S Locksmith LTD and get your car Lock repaired now.