Replacing and installing locks is a specialty. That is why you should call M.S. Locksmith LTD whenever you need to do so. Get the correct type of lock and the correct size it’s important for securing your property.

Reasons to replace or install a lock:

  • You just moved into a new house, villa or apartment.
  • The lock is old and it doesn’t work properly.
  • You must upgrade your locks to comply with insurance policy.
  • Another person has the key to your door lock.
  • Burglaries took place in your area.

At M.S. Locksmith LTD we stock most types of locks found in Cyprus:

Mortise locks/Sash locks
  • Rim locks
  • Additional deadlocks
  • Window key locks
  • Glass door locks
  • Emergency Exit push bar locks
  • Antisnap anti drill anti bump antipick protection
  • We also stock a large variety of eurocylinders, safety handles and escutcheon.