Car Key Repairs – Broken or Damaged Key?

A car key is more likely to get damaged because people use it every day several times, but sometimes a bit careless. For example people put the car key in the trunk lock, turn it but they use the key as a lever to lift the trunk door and that is when the key snaps off. The best thing to do is to call M.S. LOCKSMITH LTD because we are able to help you on side.

Typical car key problems that we deal with at M.S. LOCKSMITH LTD :

  • Remote key went in the washing machine and stopped working
  • Remote key case cracked or broked
  • Key fall down and transponder microchip broked
  • Car key has snapped of in the ignition because steering wheel was locked

We can repair the following types of vehicle keys:

  • Remote keys / flip keys
  • Transponder microchip keys
  • Proximity/smart keys
  • Basic car keys/motorbike keys
  • Commercial vehicle keys/van keys

If your remote key stopped locking or unlocking your car then visit M.S LOCKSMITH LTD and our auto key technicians will find out easy if your key needs a battery replacement, a quick service and new microswitches or just reprogramming.

If you just need a new car key or a remote key again we are ready to assist you as we stock a great collection of car keys and remote keys.

Get your car key repaired now. M.S LOCKSMITH LTD stocks a large selection of parts, key cases, buttons, microswitches and of course batteries.