What remote car key or transponder key problems can an M.S. LOCKSMITH LTD auto key technician help with?

  • Repair and provides replacement key fob
  • Transponder key is broken / damaged
  • Provide a spare transponder key
  • Damaged/Broken Transponder chips inside the car key remote

Types of Car Keys That Need Programming

Since 1995 vehicles are legally required to have an immobiliser system. To work this requires a transponder key with an electronic chip. The car only starts if the ignition receives the correct code when the key is turned.

Common types of keys that will need reprogramming include:

  • Car key with remote fob ( remote keys ) – provides keyless entry to the vehicles
  • Car key with integrated transponder chip ( transponder key ) – cars built after 1995
  • Flip type keys + key cards

My Car Keys are Pre 1995

Before 1995, transponder car keys won’t need any programming but you will need these types of car keys cut.

Key Programming for Various Model of Car & Van Keys

At M.S. LOCKSMITH LTD,we will be able to cut, program/reprogram & provide replacement keys for remote fobs & transponder keys for most vehicle manufacturers, if your car key is damaged then our auto key technicians should be able to repair & provide a replace